When seniors in our community feel that they need more security and care, having reached a stage in their lives when they are ready to move from their own homes, the choice includes independent apartments for seniors, and a residential care home.

There are many such facilities in the area with which we are familiar. In particular, on the Sunnybank Association site in Mouans Sartoux, there is the Victoria Care Home and the Albert Retirement Apartments for independent living. Both are managed and administrated by an independent French company, EMERA, that has many establishments all over France and in several other European countries.

We are familiar with the terms and conditions for residency in both Victoria and Albert, and can provide English language assistance in navigating the application process.


The heart of Sunnybank Association is at The Grange, which is also the hub of our fundraising and open to all the local community.

Our association provides assistance, companionship, practical support and financial help to the English-speaking residents of Victoria and other local retirement homes.

On our regular Open Days, the library, bric-a-brac and clothes are open to all and are looked after by our friendly team of volunteers who collect donations.

Every Thursday and the 3rd Saturday, together with Riviera Lifeline, we serve lunch which, more often than not, is enjoyed outside on the beautiful terrace.

Want to donate books, clothing or bric-a-brac?  Notify us in advance if you wish to donate several bags or boxes of items. (We are restricted for space, unfortunately.)

We accept:

We are open every Thursday and the third Saturday of the month from 10.00 to 15.00.

Need to know more?

Email: info@sunny-bank.org
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 47 94 20

Sunnybank Association
815 Chemin des Gourettes
06370 Mouans Sartoux

Social Activities

The Grange is Sunnybank’s central hub situated in Mouans-Sartoux, with plenty of parking space and nearby access to public transport.

Activities at The Grange are wide and varied including meetings and receptions both for Sunnybank and other organisations.

Come along and be amazed by the collection of treasures in bric-a-brac and spend time browsing through the extensive second hand library.

Coffee mornings, lunches, BBQ’s and quizzes are all on the agenda, or just drop in for a quiet sit with a cup of coffee with friends in the garden.

EVERYONE is welcome – your children, visitors, dogs – the informal setting is open for everyone to enjoy.

We also provide a studio flat for visitors to the residents of Victoria and Albert who would like to stay near their friends and relatives (a modest donation is requested).

Our administration office is open to the public twice a week:

Visitor Programme

We are a team of volunteers who visit the English-speaking residents in the Victoria Care Home and the Albert Retirement Apartments on a daily basis during the week.  We also assist them in being able to visit The Grange on Thursdays for coffee and on the 3rd Saturday of the month to socialise and enjoy a lunchtime meal.  The visitors are headed by our Lead Visitor who ensures best practice at all times.

Our presence is very important to the residents, some of them having no family living in France, and we also help in practical ways such as fetching their shopping and arranging trips out.

Occasionally, we are asked to help with issues that the residents have been unable to resolve on their own.  We have a Welfare Officer who helps the residents find professional solutions where necessary.  However a sympathetic ear is often all that is needed.

Birthday parties are always a great treat and we have become experts in providing cakes and sandwiches to exacting specifications! We also organise concerts and musical recitals, and the smiles that these elicit is a reward in itself.

We are a vital link between the residents and their families, wherever they are in the world.